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Site down? So is your business.
FACT: 100% of websites have downtime.
Be the first to know.
  • Every minute.
  • Every hour.
  • Every day.
  • Your loyal website watchdog.
Every minute of every day, Mind Your Uptime monitors your websites & online services to make sure they are up and running. If there's a problem, you'll know about it instantly via email and/or SMS alert.
  • Our powerful servers span the globe.
  • Be in the know with email and/or SMS.
  • Uptime, response time and email reporting.
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Did you know that the downtime of websites and online systems costs businesses billions of dollars globally every year?

Downtime happens much more than you hear about. After all, internet service providers won't go out of their way to report downtime on their own systems!

Every minute that your website, email or critical systems are down can cost your business thousands in lost revenue, lost reputation and lost customers.

Online, your customers are just a click away, but so are your competitors. Busy people won't wait for broken or slow sites to load.

That's the bad news. The good news is that it's simple to address.


Today, websites and online applications are at the core of business. Leaving these systems to chance is no longer an option.

Mind Your Uptime monitors all your internet based services and notifies you instantly if any are down for any reason.

With our fully-managed online solution, if your website goes down you'll know about it instantly.

From just $9.95 per month, you can reduce your risks and rest easy knowing that we're fiercely monitoring your systems day and night.

It's a tiny price to pay for huge peace of mind!